Over sixty years of experience in electric power procurement and related services. From meter installations to negotiating complex electricity contracts, we do it all. Electricity Procurement, Power Factor Correction, Energy Audits and much more. Our clients represent a diversity of businesses and industries. Why use us? Experience, Knowledge, Strategies, Savings, Service & Value See our Residential Rates page for exceptional value! Contact us today to get started!
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Texas Power Consultants, LLC offers our clients over sixty years of combined experience in the Texas electricity industry. By utilizing our comprehensive knowledge of the wholesale/retail electricity markets, regulated tariffs and generation/distribution system, we provide superlative solutions for power procurement, improving energy efficiencies, and client care.

Insight & Strategy

Unlike a typical door-to-door or telesales "energy expert," the TPC team possesses a unique insight into the power procurement process that others simply cannot provide. Our team has spent an entire career of more than sixty years in the industry developing a proven power procurement and management strategy. We have NO exclusive agreements with any retail energy provider (REP) so we work exclusively for our client's best interest. We leverage our insight and strategy to obtain the best possible price and contract for our client.

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